The StarStable team was invited to speak at Casual Connect in San Fransisco about how they interact with “tween” girls. Since their 6 million player userbase is predominantly female, and under 13 years old, there are barriers in communication that many games seldom face. For example, Facebook requires users to be over 13 years old and so is a social media outlet they can not utilize for that demographic.

Instead, the content they produce tries to appeal to the teenagers in the same time as it’s child friendly in an effort to have the older audience transfer information to younger players, as the younger girls see the older players as their role models and listen to them.

It’s important to remember where you come from. We started with a small community and without them we wouldn’t exist. That’s why its so important for us to stay close to them and not get too big and corporate. This, I think, has been very successful for us – Therése Forssell, PR & Social Media Manager

Additionally, they make sure to reach out to the “tween” playerbase through channels such as TV advertising on channels like Nickelodeon and via YouTube.

Source: YouTube

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