ArtCraft Entertainment’s Creative Director J Todd Coleman has sent out the Crowfall Founder’s update that had been promised before the end of summer. The upcoming MMO has started it’s backer Alpha access.

That being said, the announcement does not mean that all Alpha backers will have immediate access, the Crowfall founders rewards are segmented into Pre-Alpha, Alpha 1, Alpha 2 and Alpha 3. Coleman went on to explain the access that they can expect to see.

We will likely do multiple rounds of Pre-Alpha Combat Testing with the backers that have the Pre-Alpha reward. This will take at least a week – we won’t know exactly how long, because it depends on how well the tests go. When we see that the Pre-Alpha Combat test version is solid, and we are ready to scale up participation, we’ll start inviting the backers with an Alpha 1 reward to join in!

Expanding the test to include Alpha 1 players will happen in groups (of 50 to 100, most likely). Access will be granted in (chronological) pledge order.  You will get an email with the details you need at least 24 hours in advance of your first test. Everyone with an Alpha 1 reward will get multiple opportunities to test! 

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