Our editor Jean “Druidsfire” Prior was in attendance to report live from the World of Warcraft panel at DragonCon 2015 via the new MMOC Events Twitter feed. The panel was hosted by Senior Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft and was a forum for fans to ask their questions to him directly, about the title.

The core of the questions, as could be expected, were focused around the upcoming Legion expansion which will see the introduction of the Demon Hunter class, and a brand new class of weapon in the form of Artifacts which have their own skill/talent trees as they level up.

Demon Hunters

Perhaps the most asked after topic, the Q&A revealed that Demon Hunters will begin at level 98 and will be the only class able to equip glaives. While they will have a small number of ranged abilities (such as a 20 yard Eye Beam) they will be primarily melee, where their combat resource will function. The much vaunted double jump for the Demon Hunter will reportedly function everywhere and they will be led by Illidan, against the Legion.


Some changes to classes were mentioned, such as class resources being renamed – Shadow Priest’s is being renamed Insanity. Perhaps unfortunately for some, there are no planned changes to the Moonkin character model. One of the new features of the expansion is the Class Order Halls, and it was revealed that the Rogue Hall is going to be in the Dalaran sewers, rather than at Ravenholdt though we were assured the sewers area doesn’t look like sewers.


An entire team is now dedicated to developing professions, and profession questlines will be making a comeback.


Unfortunately, each race will not get a specific class look as the art priority was on the appearance of the new Artifact weapons. On the topic of Artifact weapons, the use of them in older content is still under review.


Perhaps the most controversial change, if the fan reaction was anything to go by, was the news that the Multistrike stat is to be removed along with other secondary/tertiary stat changes. Flying will be available in Legion but will have to be unlocked to stop it from feeling disjointed.

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