First introduced in their new Star Stable Show, developer Star Stable Entertainment have introduced Epona to their equestrian-based MMO Star Stable. The new area to the game introduces new characters and quests

Herman has long been a key player in the battle against GED, and now he’s got some information that can help him take his fight to the next level. This information will lead him (and you) to a new, mysterious GED resistance fighter in an area called Epona, in the southern part of the Harvest Counties. This is Jorvik, so of course the road to Epona isn’t an easy one, and you’ll be facing a whole host of tricky challenges along the way!

In addition, their yearly holiday content is now available for riders to play, in the form of Christmas quests and shops, and their merchandise shop has been updated with new items.

Source: Official Site

Heather "gentlestar" Barber

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