Today, Standing Stone Games released a producer’s letter from Executive Producer Rob ‘Severlin’ Ciccolini that gave some insight into the roadmap for Lord of the Rings Online until the end of 2017. In it, Ciccolini noted several milestones coming up this year including LotRO‘s tenth anniversary featuring a new in-game event to add to the usual anniversary event and also a lengthy livestream.

First, Update 20 will include a new area called the Wastes outside the Black Gates and feature two new dungeons centered around the Towers of the Teeth. Next, Mordor arrives in the summer in Update 21, which will allow players to adventure in the Black Land in and around the End of the Ring. Update 21 is also where the new High Elf race and character model revamps are due to take place. While it was mentioned, Ciccolini did not reveal any information about Update 22 that will be the final major one for this year, instead noting that they have many plans for the future of the game. You can read the entire letter at the link below.

Next week, we will be publishing an interview with Ciccolini, Community Manager Jerry ‘Cordovan’ Snook, and Jeff ‘Made of Lions’ Libby to delve more into these and other details about the upcoming content.

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