Welcome news for WildStar cupcakes that have been awaiting the Primal Matrix system currently on the PTR, Carbine Studios have announced a release date of March 8th. The update, entitled “Power of the Primal Matrix”, will see the introduction of several new systems and some new instanced content.

Chief among them is the new end-game progression system—the Primal Matrix—which allows you to continue progressing your max-level character, gaining more power and even new abilities. You’ll need Essences to unlock the Primal Matrix upgrade nodes, and while they can be obtained from just about any activity in the game, what better way to earn them than in the two new instances, Evil from the Ether and Coldblood Citadel? These two instances, along with several other dungeons and Expeditions, are also compatible with Prime difficulty—a new system that allows you to ratchet up the difficulty and receive more powerful rewards.

The update will also bring with it the ability for players to scale down to older instances and still gain level appropriate rewards (WildStar already had the ability to scale down, but the rewards would be instance appropriate).

Source: Official Site


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