The team at Sandbox Interactive has shared a new behind the scenes video that, this time, features sound designer Florian Bodenschatz talking about the process of sound design for Albion Online.

What does that entail? Every sound – be it the clang of weapon on weapon during battle or the chirping of crickets in the swamp – is created and arranged by sound designer Florian Bodenschatz. In the video he explains which factors are vital for a solid sound design in computer games and why the sounds have a very real effect on the game’s atmosphere. Florian also gives an insight into his work processes, explains the new sound engine of Albion Online and describes the special challenges a sound designer needs to master for this game.

Lets watch, shall we…

Albion Online is due for release to Windows, Mac and Linux on on July 17, 2017 (with Android and iOS releases due after that date) but can currently be played in it’s beta state with the purchase of a Founders Pack.

Source: Press Release


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