The team at Carbine Studios have announced that they will be celebrating the release of the Power of the Primal Matrix update to WildStar with a “Free 50 Frenzy Event” – allowing everyone to create a character straight at maximum level and start in on the new Primal Matrix system.

Just log in after the Power of the Primal Matrix update is released and you’ll have a free character boost available at character creation for you to make a new level 50 character with. This is a one-time use offer, so be extra sure you’re creating the character you want to before finalizing it. Once your free level 50 boost is used, it’s used up forever—no takesy-backsies!

The freshly created character (you can not use the boost on an existing character) will be furnished with two full sets of level appropriate gear (Assault and Support), a mount and Transmat Co-ordinates (a Teleport to your Capital City and your Housing Plot).

Note that the opportunity to create a level 50 character must be done during the promotional period, a four day window that will end on 11:59pm PDT, March 12.

Source: Official Site, Press Release


Andy "Zap-Robo" Barber

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