If you have been following upcoming MMO’s you might have seen the increase in chatter about Artcraft Entertainment’s title Crowfall. I have been fortunate to have been immersed in its testing for a few months and the studio has started to expand the testing pool to more and more players. This is exciting, as more players means the developers at Crowfall are moving their game slowly through their Pre-Alpha testing and towards a ‘game’ instead of just a series of game mechanics that need to be tested.

However, with each new wave of testers many of the same questions and frustrations emerge. Crowfall is a PvP game which means, in most cases, when players drop into test servers that are marked PvP the combat testing can come fast and brutal. This can create confusion and some frustration as players feel like they are being killed before they can even understand what they are supposed to test.

I faced this challenge in my first Big World test, and after each testing wipe all players are dropped back into the game with no equipment or tools. Because of this I wanted to outline the steps I use to get myself equipped and protected in Crowfall as quickly as possible – sharing some of the basic mechanics a player needs to utilize when they drop into a server for the first time, or possibly after being killed and fully looted. I have been able to accomplish this whole journey from nothing to ready to fight in full armor in less than 12mins, depending on the Archetype selected.

Dropping into the Server

Once you have selected a server you will eventually load into the game as a spirit crow. Selecting a server in test is not the same as what we will see once Crowfall launches as right now a player can change servers at will. You will need to follow these steps on each of the servers you drop into the first time. Now back to your crow…

You have no time to window shop in test … make your choice quickly

You need to fly to the Archetype statue you wish to spawn as quickly. The more time spent fluttering around, the farther you are behind other players that are building weapons to kill you. Window shopping in the crow form is for the PvE servers only – we are here on a PvP server to get equipped and ready to defend ourselves.

You must maneuver your spirit crow to the statute and interact with it. This triggers your launching that Archetype. Side Note: if you decide you want to change Archetype you can drink from the fountain in front of the new Archetype and you will die and be resurrected as the new one, but be warned unless you do something with it, your inventory and equipment it is lost.

Once you have set a name for this character, you will appear as the Archetype you selected in front of it’s statue. There is no time to waste on the PvP servers, so look around the temple and find yourself a tree that no other player is attacking, as its time to make your first thing (of many)!

It Takes Tools to Rule

You drop into Crowfall with nothing. If you check your inventory (but don’t waste the time, really) you have got nothing but space to fill. Your character can run, jump and toss a horribly weak right cross. You are now targetable by other players to be attacked and killed – of course with nothing to loot all you are is a target dummy for them now but let’s remedy that ASAP. The gods have allowed you to spawn here with nothing, if you hit the P key (P for Player) you see you have no weapons or tools equipped. But the gods favor you, as you can summon a rune axe. With this rune axe you will start your journey of conquering Crowfall.

So, you’ve ran from the temple and are now standing in-front of a tree. Hold the F key down to start chopping. The yellow bar on the screen is your Stamina, and it takes effort to use tools so watch this bar. As your Stamina runs out, gather the loot that drops from the node (in this case the tree is a harvesting node)  take everything – you will need the apples later (not in the first 12 minutes, but you will need them). Once you have chopped down your first tree and collected all the wood hit the J key as it’s time to craft a tool.

Now place 3 pieces of Knotwood into the recipe called “Runestone: Basic Harvest Tools”. Three wood will give you a hammer to harvest stone. Once you have completed the tool and have taking it into your inventory, hit the P key and your equipped equipment window will pop up. Click on the hammer and equip it.

We are not done with wood yet so cut down as many trees as needed to give you at least 14 pieces of wood in your inventory. It is then time to move on to gathering stone.

Now attack stone boulders and Harvest the stone until you have at least 13 pieces of Cobblestone in your inventory. Once you have more than 8 wood and more than 7 stone it’s time to craft a few things. Hit the J key time to craft!

This is a useful recipe and an example of Crowfall‘s concept of simple patterns allowing players to create complex outputs

So select the same pattern you used to create that hammer, use 2 pieces of wood and 1 piece of stone. This creates a pick axe that allows you to attack ore nodes, hit the P key and equip it.

Run Fast and Carry a Big Stick

Now jump back into the crafting screen (J key) as you have been unarmed for too long … lets make a weapon.

For this test Archetypes have specific weapons do some reach in the forums or website so you know the killing tool of your selection

Once you have the basic weapon selected place in materials and craft, if your Archetype is a dual wield you will need to create both. Warning! You can fail at crafting, so if this happens grab some more materials and try again. Once your weapons appear in your inventory equip them. You know how by now as you have equipped tools and it’s the same mechanic.

Now you have the ability to respond to any players that decide you look like someone they want to attack, by equipping your weapons you now have attack options on your bar familiarize yourself with them but you are not yet ready to fully dive into combat.

Remember that pick axe you crafted? Look around for some slag ore nodes, these are where you get basic metal ore needed for your next project. Now get to attacking the ore nodes.

Only Fools Fight Naked

Now you can protect yourself, but you will need to build some basic armor to help increase your longevity.

The basic armor leverages ore, wood and stone so once you Harvest your first slag node open up the crafting screen (remember which key) select basic armor and en basic boots. Create some defensive kicks and equip them. Then check the next pattern for what materials is needed. Keep grinding wood, stone and slag nodes till you finish all of the basic armor patterns

Harvest, Craft, Equip, Repeat

You are now as far along as I can take you. My first run through this equipping sprint took me 16 minutes but I know you can do better. You are now ready to attack and defend yourself, so get to testing.

I hope to see you on the servers!





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