My heart was invested in City of Heroes, I spent years playing with my husband as our date nights since we were in a long distance relationship that had a ocean between us. I haven’t found a game yet that is my home like CoH was, so I still feel the pain of the sunsetting. The launcher icon is still on my desktop with my other games. I named my dog “Positron’s Ally”, or Posi for short.

To see the hate arising from the inclusion of Statesman into MXM is heartbreaking. I never had hope that City of Heroes would come back as it was killed by people that didn’t care about it and had nothing invested in it. There was no way they would ever understand how we felt but when I saw a piece of the game come back in Statesman, I wasn’t angry or hurt about the past – I was proud to see a piece of CoH live again and have others get to enjoy a tiny piece of it. The new mix of the Atlas Park theme alone, was amazing and great to hear after so long.

Not everyone is an MMO player, not everyone plays MOBAs, but this will get the name of Statesman and City of Heroes out to people that never heard of him, to get the lore out there that they never would have read and maybe there’s even a hint of hope – with more people loving the IP, maybe… just maybe.

MXM Statesman Reaction CoH

Warning: Gratuitous screenshot of mine and my husband’s characters from City of Heroes ahead

One thing is for sure, that with this piece of the IP being used it will not be sold now, and who’s to say the MXM developers didn’t fight to bring this piece back – they could be fans, hated what happened and were able to get this to happen, to keep the spirit of Paragon City alive. To blame the developers of MXM is terrible, and reading the hate, comments from people that they “want it to crash and burn” puts the blame in the wrong corner.

Do people really want these developers out of work, just like Paragon Studios before them? Do people really want to see a game go under without giving it a try? That was never the spirit of City of Heroes community – with the pain we felt when it was sunsetted, do you really want that happening to anyone or any game? Reserve your hate for an honest opinion about the gameplay and not for the developers wanting to earn a paycheck for their families.

I put my protest time in – I sent masks to NCSOFT and I was there when the servers died (with my last screenshot taken, as a Rikti), but I am happy to see this piece of the city I loved. In me, and some less vocal others, the team for MXM have City of Heroes fans that will give the title a chance.


Heather "gentlestar" Barber

Staff Writer at MMO Central
A proud mother of her little xenomorph, located in Ohio, Heather likes playing MMO's for the sheer fun of it and disdains anything that feels like a second job. You can often find her stopping to admire the scenery, before jumping down the throat of whatever mob she's enjoying decimating next!

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