With Neverwinter finally bringing The Cloaked Ascendancy update to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we have once more teamed up with our friends at Perfect World and Cryptic Studios to bring you something new, fresh out of their celestial stables…

It’s not one, but two colors of Unicorn Mount. Look at them, in all their majesty…

Neverwinter Console Unicorn Mounts

These majestic beasts live to protect the forests where they dwell. In honor of these powerful creatures, the forest dwelling fey groom them and adorn them with bright flowers staining their pure white coats with vibrant color. These uncommon mounts grant 50% increased mounted movement speed and two Insignia slots to gain additional powers.

These limited edition mounts will be given out on a raffle basis – there are 25 codes available for each console – and you have until Monday 1st May to enter for the drawing below. Codes are functional for the designated console only – blue unicorn for PS4, green unicorn for Xbox One. Winners will be automatically notified with their key and redemption instructions.


Andy "Zap-Robo" Barber

Editor in Chief at MMO Central
Hailing from the British Isles, Andy is now a resident of Ohio, USA where he rests comfortably with his wife, two dog and son. Previously best known for the operation of the WildStar Central fansite, he has taken his passion for the MMO genre (beginning with Earth and Beyond) to the next level with MMOC.

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