Intrepid Studios have finally released the Kickstarter for Ashes of Creation to what has proven to be a slathering horde of backers – at the time of writing the crowdfunding effort has raised $982,811 of their $750,000 goal, from over 5,200 potential players.

Just because the project is funded, does not mean Intrepid are done. There’s a long road to release, and during the campaign the studio will be hosting events, doing live broadcasts and talking with fans about the upcoming MMORPG revival. The Alpha and Beta stages are just months away, and pledging can claim guaranteed access to both.

For those who may still be on the fence (or just can’t get enough Ashes information) then the Kickstarter launch video might be for you. Lets watch, shall we…

The stretch goals are now up and start with $1mil for tavern games between players, $1.25mil for group and legendary mounts and $1.5mil for more ships and expanded underwater areas. On top of that, there are three “locked” stretch goal entries so there should be more to come.

Source: Official Kickstarter, Press Release


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