Star Stable and DreamWorks have come together to create a wonderful quest line with a wild horse that you get to tame and earn it’s trust as part of a tie-in with DreamWorks’ new show on Netflix called Spirit Riding Free. The equine character of Spirit has also come to Jorvik, where you can find him giving out quests which will eventually lead you to earning his trust and being able to ride and own him.

Every time you help Spirit with one of his quests, you will gain more reputation with him, and the higher your reputation level, the more items you will be able to buy from the brand-new Spirit shop in Fort Pinta owned by the Spirit super fans Tori and Sally! Here you will find the special Miradero apple. Legend says that these apples only grow in the area where Spirit was born. You can only buy the apple if Spirit truly trusts you. Who knows? When you feed Spirit the apple he might decide to move to your stable.

Once you complete enough quests with Spirit to reach the reputation level Admired, players will unlock the purchase of a special Miradero apple from the new Spirit shop in Fort Pinta. When fed to him you will then unlock Spirit as a level 15 mount.

Source: Official Site


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