The team at ArtCraft Entertainment have taken the wraps off their much hyped “big announcement” for Crowfall this week with the news of a switch to a more traditional races/classes system over their previous plan for Archetypes. In addition, a major graphics overhaul and a Discipline system is coming soon.

The “Massive Reveal” is not one thing, it’s actually THREE things:

  • Races & Classes have replaced the archetypes system
  • 100+ Disciplines are coming in the next playtest!
  • First look at a MAJOR overhaul of our lighting and graphics (also coming in the next playtest) – with a showcase

Todd put together a series of answers for questions we know you’ll be asking. We split it into three sections that cover each of those areas.

The official site goes into each of the changes in some detail, along with screenshots for each of the 100+ Disciplines (which allow sub-classes to be “created”) but we also got two videos for the race/classes system and the major graphics upgrade so lets watch, shall we…

Today also saw a livestream where ArtCraft showed off some of these new features and answered some questions – you can watch the video on demand via Twitch.

Source: Official Site


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