On today’s official livestream, Lord of the Rings Online announced that composer Chance Thomas would be returning to the game to score their upcoming expansion, Mordor.  Thomas’ work featured in the game since launch up until the Riders of Rohan expansion in 2012 and has frequently been cited by players as one of the features they love about the game.

During the interview, Thomas pointed out that the lore of Lord of the Rings began in The Silmarillion with a song, the world was founded literally as music.  He continued on to describe some of his processes in creation of new theme, going from concept art to the written word and moving into composing straight via his gear.  They also featured some screenshots of Thomas’ composing office and recording studios.

Thomas also cited how each region in Mordor would sound differently based on their differing landscapes, where Udûn will sound different from Dol Amarth for example.  They concluded with a teaser that he would be back next week for another music-related announcement at the same time on the official LotRO Twitch channel.

Source: Official Livestream

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