I wanted to share my experience this month from dungeon runs in Neverwinter as it brought up an important issue I want to highlight. Let me start by saying that I don’t blame the game, but I will be blaming players that have lost any sense of playing a game for fun and enjoyment.

Dungeon runs are normally something I avoid, unless I’m extremely comfortable with my character because I always feel that I will slow a team down or not do enough damage to help out. My Hunter Ranger is insanely powerful and built well that I wanted to do the dungeon runs this week. Three runs, just three, opened my eyes to a problem in MMOs that could cause me to never run a dungeon again. Each time a team was made, a higher level would ruin the entire dungeon – let me elaborate…

Dungeon run one, and a max level player (brought down to the level range for the dungeon) ran ahead killing everything before we could catch up and just followed an empty path until we got to the main boss that was gone in seconds. A total waste of 10 minutes but I thought okay, I’m not good enough and getting in the way.

Dungeon run two, however, was just as bad with a level 70 dropping down again and running through only killing the mini boss and waiting at the main boss until we caught up. Me and my husband were having to clean up all the mobs because we couldn’t just run past them. Now I was feeling terrible, that this was somehow my fault – that I used my enhancements wrong or had bad equipment.

Until dungeon run three, named Temple of the Spider. We again teamed up with a random 70 player that dropped down to level 50 to run it (using the queue system), only for them to get mad at us for going slow. That person ran through ignoring everyone, killed the mini boss in seconds and got mad when we were still behind fighting and he couldn’t do the main boss, so he just left.

This is when I got mad, this wasn’t how I was playing – this was someone not caring that it might be the first dungeon run for someone. The Temple of the Spider looked amazing inside and when we got to where the mini boss was, it lost all fun and all storyline because one person made the choice to not care about the gameplay.

There are new people trying MMOs every day, kids are growing up and starting to play these games for the first time. So, why are people acting so entitled just because they are max level – they started somewhere once, they felt the excitement of a new boss to take down and through behavior like this they could alienate new blood.

I don’t know why people play a game if it becomes such a chore that they don’t want to take a half hour to do a run and enjoy it. I love Neverwinter and the dungeons looked great, the bosses looked unique, but the fun was ruined.  Just because someone is max level or has a handful of max level characters, doesn’t mean everyone does. I was upset less for myself and more for the new player just joining an MMO for the first time and getting this kind of experience from a great game.

I know every game has bad players or inconsiderate players, my issue is we are all gamers just trying to enjoy an evening of gaming without drama. Stop and enjoy a game, if you ran a dungeon a hundred times, then enjoy the journey of another player having fun. I play MMORPGs, if you seriously don’t want to deal with people or people enjoying roleplaying then you are playing the wrong type of game.

We are all gamers, we all have that in common no matter how much we play – we are much the same. So let’s try being a little nicer or just have a little more patience. This isn’t isolated to Neverwinter, either – some games have such toxic environments I don’t even go near them. It hurts the game, the developers, and keeps community numbers down. Of course, there are certainly welcoming players and communities out there (even in Neverwinter as my evening dungeon run today proved) but this advice is not directed at them.

Think before you hit enter, you might say something that has more of an effect then you think.

Heather "gentlestar" Barber

Staff Writer at MMO Central
A proud mother of her little xenomorph, located in Ohio, Heather likes playing MMO's for the sheer fun of it and disdains anything that feels like a second job. You can often find her stopping to admire the scenery, before jumping down the throat of whatever mob she's enjoying decimating next!

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