One thing that stands out to many in Pokemon GO is the artwork for the event loading screens. These are crated by artist Mieke Hutchins, who in the latest developer blog gives his take on his process behind making these one-off screens.

We’ve seen that Pokémon GO loading screens and their gentle reminders to stay aware of your surroundings in fun and clever ways have received a lot of attention from the community. Typically, most discussions surrounding a loading screen revolve around the anticipation players feel before they start playing a game, but thanks in large part to Mieke Hutchins—our rock star artist at Niantic—brand and design experts at the Pokémon Company, and the rest of the design team at Niantic, this hasn’t always been the case with Pokémon GO. From outstanding fan art to requests for high-resolution wallpaper versions of each loading screen, we frequently see players sharing their love for the Pokémon GO loading screens.

On top of Hutchins giving his step-by-step of the process, the article also calls out to the community to suggest what Pokemon they want to see on the next loading screen.

Source: Official Site


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