Carbine Studios have announced that WildStar‘s Patch 1.7.2 will be released on June 7 and it will be bringing with it the first Prime Difficulty Raid with Y-83 Prime Level 1.

Prime difficulty in raids will function quite a bit differently compared to other Prime instances. For example, Prime Level 1 is relatively uniform in the challenges and rewards presented across all dungeons; whereas Prime Raids will more closely mirror existing raid progression and offer an extension—that increases with each raid and Prime Level—beyond the challenges and rewards of their normal difficulty counterparts.

Y-83 Prime Level 1 is the first tier of extended raid progression following Redmoon Terror, and is intended to best suit coordinated groups that have completed all existing raids and are geared accordingly.

The patch will also include a change to the drop chances and locations for Progenitor Access Particles to ensure that there are more chances then ever to summon World Bosses. Full details are available in the article below.

Source: Official Site


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