Standing Stone Games did their first preview of their upcoming expansion to Lord of the Rings Online, formally revealed to be entitled Mordor. Players will get their first hands-on with a limited set of new content and features on their test server Bullroarer tomorrow, June 23rd, with weekend Bullroarer testing going forward.


Expansion TL;DR

  • New level cap of 115
  • New race: High Elves (all classes except burglar and Beorning, new starting area)
  • 5 new areas to explore in Mordor
  • Virtue cap increases to 20
  • New gearing mechanics
  • Avatar updates (Elves/Men first, Hobbits/Dwarves second, Beornings last)
  • New barber options
  • New crafting tier, no new crafting guild updates
  • Allegiance system for the four races
  • Post-launch updates: PvMP, new group instances and raid

Major points not yet addressed:

  • Launch date
  • Price in RL cash or LotRO Points (previous dev comments imply it will be equivalent to other expansions)
  • Expansion tiers (base, premium, collector’s)
  • Preorder rewards and timeframe (previous dev comment implied it would be a short preorder window, perhaps 2 weeks)

What’s your take on this new expansion to the 10-year-old MMO?

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