Soulbound Studio’s Senior Producer Vye Alexander posted an update to Chronicles of Elyria‘s community today which outlined some upcoming changes to how players will be receiving information about the game.

Now that the team is more filled out and there’s a variety of different stories unfolding within our ecosystem, I think it’s time we made an update to how we’ve been doing our updates. In the before times, Caspian wrote both Design Journals and Production Journals. When I joined, I was able to write the Production Journals, but much of the information in my updates have covered things not directly part of the game production such as Q&A announcements, community spotlights, contests, expo information, and a cornucopia of anything that didn’t fit into one of Caspian’s Design Journals. With Serpentius and Kaizen now settling in, I’d like to further divide the blog updates we do to be more topically focused.

Alexander then details that in future the dev blog posts may be one of a few types…

  • Design Journal: Describing Caspian’s vision of Chronicles of Elyria in detail
  • Production Journal: Reporting on the progress of Quests being undertaken by the team and any updates about the team
  • Community Journal: Highlighting what’s going on in the community and any events to get involved in
  • Soulbound Studios Broadcast: Documenting our journey by recapping on what we’ve achieved and looking ahead on what’s to come

Besides the upcoming format changes to the team blog posts, Alexander also includes snippets from the current “adventuring parties” and covers an upcoming Mid-Year Update from Caspian, a Bestiary Update and an expanded dialog about the previous Tribes Q&A .

Source: Official Site

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