Thomas “Blixtev” Blair, Design Lead at ArtCraft Entertainment, has recently shared details of the skill system that will be included in Crowfall – plus news of major changes coming in the future because of the Race/Class split making Archetype skill trees defunct.

For those of you who don’t know what the Skills system encompasses in Crowfall, here is a quick, high-level refresher. Skills are one of the main methods of character progression. Skills train passively over time, whether you are offline or online, and they are based on the account, not the individual character. This means that when you train a skill, you get the benefit of that skill across any character on your account for which that skill is beneficial.

Every skill maps to at least one statistic on the character (i.e. One-Handed Sword Specialization grants +50 Attack Power with any character that is wielding a one-handed sword), and multiple skills can grant the same stat. (i.e. Weapon Mastery also grants an additional +50 Attack Power).

Blair’s article goes in depth into the changes which introduces pips (rather than levels), skill queuing for VIP’s, removal of prerequisites, enhanced tooltips and some visual enhancements to the UI to highlight fully trained skills.

Source: Official Site


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