Lord of the Rings Online has opened up the much-awaited preorder window for their latest expansion, Mordor, and the release date has been revealed in the store page as July 31st.  As somewhat expected, there are three tiers of options for the discerning member of the Free Peoples or the Army of Angmar, but the prices are a little bit different than previous expansions.  The ultimate fan bundle is priced at $129.99 USD, while the lowest tier is $39.99, with a premium middle tier at $79.99 with various in-game goodies available.  This is most likely due to the influence of Daybreak Games, the current publisher of the 10-year-old MMO from Standing Stone Games because it resembles the tiers and pricing for pretty much the EverQuest franchises for the past couple of years.  The in-game rewards for purchasing scale up in value in a very familiar fashion in that regard, with the High Elf race available to the two higher tiers, and mounts and extra shared storage slots available only to the highest tier.  It has been noted in past official livestreams by community manager Jerry ‘Cordovan’ Snook that the expansion will eventually be available for in-game LotRO Points just like previous expansions, but will not be available at launch.

As mentioned earlier, they reveal the projected release date of the expansion: July 31st, subject to possible delays due to the nature of last-minute bugfixing and ensuring as smooth a launch as possible.

You can read all about it and review the tiers at lotro.com.

[Update] A FAQ is now available.

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