The July newsletter for Pantheon includes an interesting Q&A penned by Tod “Zippyzee” Curtis from Visionary Realms which explains the current state and design of artificial intelligence for the development title.

Much of my work on NPC AI has been experimental. Making a system that does what it needs to do when it needs to do it, doesn’t do what it doesn’t need to do when it doesn’t need to do it, and is understandable by both coders and designers (unlike this sentence) is a big deal.

It’s very difficult to fully plan out a system like this ahead of time, and put the blueprints into action. It’s a game, after all, and the needs of the game change along the way, and the results of the work in progress lead to a better understanding of where we need to go and how we should get there.

Curtis goes on to explain the current design of AI behaviors with an example of how a “stimulus” can trigger a series of behaviors without having to hardcode creatures to walk to a specific spot and perform pre-set actions.

Source: Official Site


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