With the launch of Star Trek Online‘s Season 13.5 on July 18th, players on PC will get to play the newest Featured Episode, entitled “Brushfire” where they will be able to rescue the legendary Martok.

As the Tzenkethi threat menaces the Alpha Quadrant, a new hope presents itself in the Beta Quadrant. On Tuesday, July 18th, experience our latest featured episode “Brushfire” and seek the aid of one of history’s greatest Klingon generals. “Brushfire” comes out with Season 13.5, and continues our “New Frontiers” storyline. It includes great rewards that you can earn over the course of several weeks.

The Featured Episode will initially be available to all players level 10 and up (though Romulan players must have selected a faction) but after this period will be in the normal mission journal progression.

Source: Official Site


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