Today sees the launch of a new community platform for game developers and players, designed to “bridge the connection” between the two sides. BrightLocker meshes the currently disparate parts of the gaming experience, bringing crowdfunding, early access programs, livestreaming, subscriptions and more into one web-based platform.

From an experienced team who delivered legendary games such as World of Warcraft®, FIFA, STAR WARS: The Old Republic and also helped build the Sony PlayStation® Network, BrightLocker is a one-stop portal that provides game developers with the latest tools and technologies for communicating with and involving their player communities while giving gamers special access, exclusive rewards and a new way to connect with their favorite games and developers.

The developers of the platform have provided a trailer that highlights some of the key features that we can look forward to, so lets watch shall we…

The site will provide developers a platform for the entire process of crowdfunding: polling, engaging their community through livestreaming, developer updates and early access programs, then all the way though to launching the title and beyond. Livestreams and other rewards can be supplied to certain groups of fans or backers (with metrics enabling them to identify such), allowing for easier (and tighter) incentivization than perhaps has been seen previously.

Livestreaming will be a key feature available through the BrightLocker platform, and be available for both developers and players to initiate. Streamers will be able to control access to their stream which can be public, limited down to certain groups, or as game development rewards.

As to how the average MMO fan might engage with BrightLocker? The entire platform has been gamified in a way that will be very familiar, with tutorials granting XP, along with achievement badges (which may appeal to the Collectors among you). Your user profile will earn experience points, gold and hit points which can all be used for various aspects of the BrightLocker experience.

Plus a currently in development MMO, BitBox’s title Life is Feudal: MMO, is taking to the platform to continue it’s development. At the time of writing, though, no details are available as to what depth Bitbox will be using the new platform for.

BrightLocker currently works on mobile devices but the experience is currently optimized for larger displays though a native mobile app for iOS and Android in the works, which will be available later this year.

Source: Press Release, Life is Feudal @ BrightLocker



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