If you are reading this, odds are you are familiar with Blizzards domination in the MMO market. As a player since Vanilla, and an opinionated person in general, I feel there is a bit to talk about – specifically, does anyone even Mythic raid?

For those of you who need to catch up, Mythic’s are the new difficulty tier in the game which bring with it some pros and some cons. With this new level’s introduction, raids and dungeons have more mechanics, hit harder, and are just more challenging in general. We play for the challenge and the loot that comes from a kill.

What about the casual player? If you and your guild clear heroics the week they come out simply for practice, congrats, I feel you are a vast minority. Do normal guilds, the 99 percent, even hit Mythic raids, is there a point? With so many people begging for AOTC (look it up, rookie), simply for a heroic pug there is no point of a Mythic. Weeks and weeks of progression simply to have new content come out before actually clearing the Mythic, what’s the point? The gear will be obsolete after the next patch, and I don’t want to run the same thing a third time for + 10 iLvl.

So we have our Mythic raids, we also have our dungeons. Let’s throw ourselves at a raid and wipe for 2 hours because there is always someone in the raid that doesn’t know how to play their class. Or for the casual guilds who have players who want to invest the time, Mythic dungeons are the way to go. Thirty minutes and everyone gets raid level gear, sounds like I can farm this much easier than watching melee stand in fire for the DPS bonus. I will take the dungeon over the raid any day, I can only carry so much and we can’t face roll Mythics when players die on pull.

Gone are the days when Heroics were the be all end all. Gone are the days of 40 man raids, 25 man Heroics, and Black Temple farming. When raids wouldn’t scale and if you didn’t have 25 players you better make up for the loss, instead of scaling. Sure the game is catering to more variety, and you badasses can take your Mythics while the weekend warriors can LFR, but what happens for those in-between?

Those who have been in the same raid for two months and still have Mythic to do just before new content comes out. Does it leave a sense of failure, does one accept it, what do you do? My solution? Bring back harder Heroics. Get rid of scaling. Implement 10, 15, 25 man raids so guilds have options but are locked to a standard.

What do you think? Let me know and I hope to gank you on the flip side.

Andy "Corrupted" Jacobs

Staff Writer at MMO Central
Hailing from Ohio, Andy follows The Ohio State Buckeyes and Columbus Crew FC. Enjoying a good beer while raiding, Andy has been a gamer since before he can walk, and an avid SDCC attendee. If he is not found outside exploring the many food scenes in Denver, you can find him at a coffee shop reading up on the latest technology.

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