Carbine Studios have updated the WildStar Public Test Realm (PTR) to disable Communities (the ability to link up Housing Plots, that was previously in testing) and instead open up the Genetic Archives Raid, at the new Prime Level 1 Difficulty.

This is an early preview of this Prime Raid, which is slated for release later this year in an update following the 1.7.3 Communities patch. We’d love to get some focused raid testing on the new Genetic Archives difficulty setting, and ideally schedule some time where we can observe the progression of one or more groups. If you have a guild or raid team planning to try out Prime Genetic Archives on PTR, please reply to this thread with ideal days/times. Keep in mind that our standard business hours are Mon–Fri, 9am–6pm Pacific Time—we’d prefer for raid test schedules to fall within these hours.

The new PTR Patch Notes reveal that appropriate rewards and loot have been added for the Prime Raid, along with a global item level cap increase to 165, and a change that makes armor imprints/item rewards from Genetic Archives lockboxes scale according to Prime level.

Source: Official Site


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