The team at ArenaNet has launched its first of three Dev Diary videos on the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion – the first video focuses on elite specializations and includes interviews with behind-the-scenes footage from the development team. So, lets watch shall we…

The article also includes a short video for each of the new Specializations – Weaver (Elementalist), Holosmith (Engineer), Firebrand (Guardian), Mirage (Mesmer), Scourge (Necromancer), Soulbeast (Ranger), Renegade (Revenant), Deadeye (Thief) and Spellbreaker (Warrior) – which shows off the abilities of each with a brief paragraph on each skillset.

Additionally, the team reveals that a demo on August 18 through August 20, will allow players to create and play new preview-exclusive characters in both Player vs. Player and World vs. World – with each profession’s new elite specialization.

Source: Official Site, Press Release


Andy "Zap-Robo" Barber

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