The team of Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced that the next expansion for Neverwinter, entitled the Swords of Chult, will launch on October 24, and bring with it a new endgame Skirmish set in the walled city of Port Nyanzaru.

Tomb of Annihilation’s Port Nyanzaru social hub offers returning Neverwinter players a home away from home; now it’s under attack. Enemies made while questing through the jungles of Chult invade, demanding a defense of the city and its merchants in an all-new 5-player Skirmish, “The Merchant Prince’s Folly.” Updates also come to Neverwinter’s PvP mode, including further armor penetration changes, PvP gearing, replacing the Tenacity stat, adding diminishing returns on control effects, and more. Swords of Chult brings quality-of-life changes to the refinement system, dungeon queuing and the campaign system for a better in-game experience.

The team at Cryptic have also revealed some details of the faster campaign progression for alts that will come with the update – the ability to craft an account-bound item on a character that has already completed a campaign to double progression – on their official forums.

Source: Press Release, Official Forums


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