Today, Star Wars: the Old Republic published a new Producer’s Roadmap and related blog that detail their upcoming changes.  The biggest one is the announcement that there will be major server merges coming to the MMO in early November.  They’re merging their current 17 servers into 5, two for North America, three for Europe (one each for English, French, and German speakers).  The blog details what will happen to everyone’s characters, with the gist being names will be prioritized to Subscriber > Premium/Free-to-play and name conflicts within those guidelines will be resolved based on time played.  So, if you have a common primary name for your toon (Legacy names are not affected), then you may very well expect to see a rename notice if you haven’t used that character much.  Legacy perks will be as with previous merges: if your toons merge onto a single server, then your highest Legacy tier from the previous servers will take precedence.

Other key details in the roadmap:

  • New Flashpoint and story direction: A Traitor Among the Chiss
  • New PVP map
  • New Galactic Starfighter map
  •  Updated Quality of Life items such as Legacy currency, a Galactic Command review/update, and group finder revamp

In all, these items will be rolling out over the next couple of months,  so keep your eyes peeled for them!  Click on the sources below to get full details.

Sources:  Official Roadmap, Blog

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