Novaquark have announced that Dual Universe has reached its public Pre-Alpha stage, with the game’s first live public playable build available from September 30th to about 2,500 Kickstarter and crowdfunding backers.

Thanks to the support of its community, Dual Universe became the 3rd most funded video game on Kickstarter last year, with a total of subsequent crowdfunding reaching $1M pledged by 10,000 backers. Dual Universe is delivering the premises and foundations of the next generation of MMO gaming. The game’s incredible vision is illustrated in the new Pre-Alpha video teaser released today.

For those of you who have yet to take a look at that trailer, it’s a good thing that we’ve brought it along for your viewing pleasure – lets watch, shall we…

Showing at first capital ships in orbit of a planet, the view seamlessly pans down to the surface to show a pilot standing atop his smaller fighter craft. As the camera then rotates around, it reveals a vast city at his rear.

The press release closes with the ambitious statement of “The vision for Dual Universe is to create the first virtual online civilization, a vision close to Ernest Cline’s Oasis in Ready Player One.”

Source: Press Release


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