The Artcraft Entertainment team will be taking to the internet live tomorrow (Thursday, October 26th) for some Crowfall development-focused streaming action, first at 11am CDT and then again at 2pm CDT.

First up, Senior VFX Artist Greg Tapper and VFX Artist Aislynn Kilgore will treat us to an inside look on how they’ll be creating the FX for the Energetic Harvesting skill. They’ll be using a mixture of Unity and Popcorn FX – and, of course, some ideas from the viewing audience. Tune in at 11am CDT to get a behind the scenes look at how our in-game FX are created!

Later, join Senior Animator Eric Doggett at 2pm CDT as he works on animation. Using 3ds Max, he’ll begin work on an update for the unarmed harvesting animations. If you’ve ever wondered how our game animation comes together (or you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Doggett), this is the time to tune in.

The stream is set to go live on their official Twitch channel at

Source: Official Site


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