Carbine Studio’s Principal Narrative Designer for WildStar, Gary “CRB_Spellchecker” Astleford, has supplied some new lore for the playable Aurin race – primarily focusing on the four moons of their ancestral homeworld Arboria (Forya, Myill, Valra, and Zynan).

A complex system of lunar astrology has been developed by the Aurin, incorporating the four moons, their characters and moods, and their influence on those born beneath their varying lights. Depending on the day of an Aurin’s birth, one or two of the four moons are considered dominant based on how gibbous they appear. Though uncommon, some Aurin are born on days when three moons are full and visible. A night with four gibbous moons is especially auspicious, and only occurs once every 219 years.

Whether this is simply some enjoyable information for WildStar‘s roleplaying community or lore that will be called upon for some form of new content remains to be seen.

Source: Official Forums


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