In case you have missed the latest computing news, hardware vulnerabilities have been discovered in many brands and types of CPUs, affecting computers across the globe. With security patches now due (or out) for the bulk of operating systems, CCP Games has updated their playerbase on what they are doing to secure EVE Online servers from the same.

Here at CCP, we are in the process of patching and performance testing our infrastructure with the aim of making the impact on game performance and player experience as minimal as possible, so that you guys can continue to enjoy blowing up each other’s internet spaceships.

The primary thrust of the warning, however, is on the reported impact to CPU performance once a machine is patched – between a 5% to 30% increase in CPU load which could cause issues in gameplay performance for some games (though CCP advise EVE Online is more GPU intensive so should not routinely have an issue on most installs)

Source: Official Site


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