Cryptic Studio’s Systems Designer, Robert “CrypticRidi” Hrouda, has shared some details of a new system coming to Star Trek Online – the ability to re-roll the mods on a piece of equipment using a new type of resource.

In order to Re-Engineer a piece of equipment, we’re introducing a new resource into the game: Salvage. Salvage is rewarded to Captains from salvaging equipment obtained from loot drops they receive. A new contextual action can be taken after highlighting a particular piece of loot, much the same way you would discard or inspect an item. Salvaging the piece of equipment will destroy it and reward an amount of Salvage based on the equipment’s Mark and Quality.

Hrouda also revealed that Cryptic are taking the opportunity to add an assortment of new Epic mods into the system, which is now debuting on the Tribble test server for those who want to get in on the testing and/or take an early peek at the system.

Source: Official Site


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