Cryptic Studios’ Lead Designer, Thomas “Mimic King” Foss, has took to the digital pages of Dragon+ Magazine to share some details about the upcoming update to Neverwinter, named Lost CIty of Omu. Following the current D&D storyline, the update will see the finale of the Tomb of Annihilation plot for Neverwinter as well as new giant creatures – like an undead T-Rex!

“Have you seen the size of the Tyrant?!” he asks, describing this unique new creature. “If they thought the King of Spines was a challenge, the Tyrant is twice as big, and twice as deadly. And it creates its own adds by spewing up zombies. The Tyrant is a major player in one of our Heroic Events, as well as the Apex creature for the new hunts.”

Expected to launch on February 27th, the Lost City of Omu will take players up against the Archlich Acererak and his atropal abomination. For those who need some visual stimulation, the Cryptic team also have a new teaser trailer, so lets watch shall we…

The update will also reportedly adjust class powers and create a smoother progression with “the removal of the leveling curve for players from 60-70” – details of which will hopefully be forthcoming soon, beyond this interview.

Source: Dragon+ Magazine


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