Drago Entertainment’s Łukasz “Havock” Błaszczyk has shared some details on the development of a brand new UI (and not a reskin) for Otherland – the MMO based on the book series by Tad Williams.

Since we are not simply re-skinning the UI, but entirely reworking it, this is a massive workload. We feel however now is the right time as the UI revamp will not only make the game more intuitive to play, but will also give a fresh look.

The HUD will naturally be part of the UI redesign. We not only plan to make it look nicer, less obtrusive and reduce the clutter factor, but also more practical in terms of aiming/targeting. The goal here is not merely a visual change, but also one that will positively affect combat.

In the same thread, Błaszczyk goes on to express concern over the current player numbers though reveals there will shortly be marketing efforts to try and turn this around, in light of the improvements made to their title over the past six months.

Source: Steam Community


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