The CEO of Soulbound Studios’ Jeromy “Caspian” Walsh has taken to the official Chronicles of Elyria site to share a long look back at the game’s 2017 development, as well as a look forward to 2018.

If 2017 was all about building the foundation and support beams, then 2018 is all about the framing and siding. 2018 is all about realizing the shape of Chronicles of Elyria. Over the course of the next 12 months we’ll be seeing rapid development of the various game mechanics. As we’re building this game, floor by floor, our Alpha 1 backers will have an opportunity to walk around in the game and experience it even while we’re still running the wires and plumbing.

In a lengthy conclusion, Walsh states that 2018 will be the most important year for Chronicles of Elyria, being a “period where a game really starts to take shape and become recognizably different from the other options that are available”.

Source: Official Site

Andy "Zap-Robo" Barber

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