This week sees two new mini areas available for unlock in the equestrian focused MMO StarStable, with a new quest from Jorvik Ranger Keema.

Keema is a young, happy and easily excited Jorvik Ranger! Now that the quarantine has been lifted from the Mistfall Lake, Keema has been tasked to remove the ugly fences that still surround the beautiful water. She needs your help to make the lake available again to all the residents of Dundull!

The Peregrine Trail vista point is one of the most beautiful spots on Jorvik, but the trail has been closed off by fallen trees for some time. Removing them all on your own would take ages, but with a little help from Keema you should be able to do it in no time!

Quests around Mistfall will require reputation with the Jorvik Rangers (Popular for The Peregrine Trail and Liked for Mistfall Lake) as well as talked to Alonso at the Jorvik Ranger Station.

Source: Official Site


Heather "gentlestar" Barber

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