Cryptic Studios’ Systems Designer Doug “Asterdahl” Miller and Environment Artist Patrick Poage has shared details of the new epic trial coming soon to Neverwinter, where adventurers will travel the heart of the Tomb of Annihilation and come face to face with the Soulmonger and an atropal, an undead abomination and fledgling godling created by Acererak.

And what happens if you manage to defeat The Atropal? Well, congratulations! You and your friends have proven yourselves to be among the strongest adventurers in the Forgotten Realms! And of course you’ll be walking away with some considerable loot. A future blog will go into more details about upcoming rewards, but suffice to say, if you manage to complete this challenge, you’ll be able to earn the strongest weapons bar-none.

Miller and Poage’s article goes into details of the three major acts that players will face, from the stone elevator, through the Soulmonger and finally to the Atropal itself. Cryptic also saw fit to share a short video of some of the encounters that will be part of the trial – so lets watch, shall we…

This grand finale of the story that began in the Tomb of Annihilation module, The Cradle of the Death God Trial will be available when the Neverwinter module goes live on February 27th.

Source: Official Site


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