DC Universe Online‘s publisher, Daybreak Games, has announced future content to arrive in March and April of this year.  Their next episodic update will take players into the midst of an internecine Atlantean disagreement featuring members of Deluge and the intergalactic starfish Starro.  Meanwhile, the April update focuses on one of the more iconic moments that shook the DC Universe: the death of Superman… just in time for the character’s 80th birthday.

In Deluge, players will assist Queen Mera of Atlantis investigate why Starro has come to Earth and get to visit the underwater kingdom of Atlantis for the first time, with rewards and new gear available for completing content.  It will also retroactively grant permanence to certain rewards from the previous Starro event.

In April, DCUO will launch its retelling of the death of Superman story from the comics, reworked to fit within the game’s story.  In its series of events, players will deal with the arrival of Doomsday and the aftermath of the loss of one of the most iconic comic heroes of all time.  Like the Deluge episode, the death of Superman event will offer new player rewards like gear, base items, and styles.

Source: Official Blog

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