The Artcraft Entertainment team, in a joint effort between J. Todd Coleman (Creative Director) and Thomas “Blixtev” Blair (Lead Designer) have put out a dev blog on their new character switching system for Crowfall – The Crypt.

We’ve come back around to the idea of giving each account a limited number of “character slots”. Once you use a vessel in character creation (or use a default, if you don’t have one) to make an avatar it changes from an item into a character and from this point there is no going back.

Additionally, we’re moving the “character switching” interactable away from the Temple (where it was causing a lot of confusion) and moving it to a new point-of-interest, the Crypt, which you’ll find near beachheads and scattered throughout the various Worlds.

The article describes both from the lore and systems perspectives of how the Crypt will be implemented ingame, as well as plans (potential and otherwise) for how it could work in the future with Campaign limitations or even locking particular races inside of Campaigns to a specific Crypt.

Source: Official Site


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