Cryptic Studios’¬†Systems Designer, Jared Sears, has provided us with an insight into what the City of Omu will mean to the Jungles of Chult campaign in Neverwinter, when it launches at the end of the month.

The Jungles of Chult campaign has been extended to bring players into The Lost City of Omu. A once prosperous and powerful society now a mere memory amongst the ruins. The nine Trickster Gods were worshipped heavily in this region and their shrines, hidden within the undercity, may still hold a bit of the power the gods once bestowed upon their worshippers. Dinosaurs will be a familiar sight from the time exploring the Soshenstar River Basin, along with Lizardfolk, Thayans, and powerful Gorillas. Another primal adventure awaits!

Sears goes on to describe the additional Boon points, Repeatable tasks and the new Artifact Gear for main and off hand slots that can be worked towards (as well as a new set of Pants and Shirt which have a body paint appearance).

Source: Official Site


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