The team at Intrepid Studios has shared some new lore for Ashes of Creation, focusing on the dwarven city of Dünheim and it’s fall into darkness from the point of view of a dwarf named Dillia.

We were just an hour or so from the Grand Gates of the mountain when it happened.  A loud boom reverberated across the ground, and along the walls. It sounded as if the mountain itself had been split apart.  Followed several seconds later by a shaking that nearly caused the rams carrying our supplies to fall to the ground.  I could see my father’s mouth moving as he screamed at me.  But I couldn’t hear anything other than the loud ringing that filled my head.  It was at this moment I felt something wet falling down my neck.  I lifted my hand to feel what it was… I guess the shock of the whole thing, prevented me from understanding what had just happened.  My fingers were covered in blood.

For those who don’t enjoy a good backstory to a zone, then Intrepid have carved out a litte something for you as well – a flythrough of the Dünheim Dungeon. Let’s watch, shall we…

Source: Press Release, Official Site


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