Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced Star Trek Online’s fourth major expansion, Victory is Life. The new expansion will pay homage to the classic TV series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with a new Jem’Hadar playable faction and six new episodes, featuring the original TV actors, including Quark (Armin Shimerman), Odo (René Auberjonois), Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor) and Martok (J.G. Hertzler).

Victory is Life takes Star Trek Online Captains on a maiden journey to the Gamma Quadrant, where they will discover what is left of Deep Space Nine. The legendary space station was severely damaged by the Hur’q, a new enemy who recently made their presence known to the Alliance in the game’s last featured episode, “Scylla and Charibdis.” Players must now team up with Deep Space Nine’s devoted crew members to find a way to protect the galaxy from another devastating attack.

Additionally, from a GameSpot interview today, the actors Alexander Siddig (Dr. Julian Bashir), and Andrew Robinson (Elim Garak) will also reportedly be reprising their roles for the game expansion with four more actors to be announced at a later date.

The Jem’Hadar playable faction will start at level 60 with a variety of completed Reputations, Specialization Trees, Duty Officer tracks, and R&D progress. Victory is Life also introduces an increased level cap of 65, a new queue, added progression system and all-new Sector Battlezone, a new gameplay feature that takes players into a war between the stars to save the Gamma Quadrant. Additional features will also be revealed at launch.

Perfect World have also shared a new teaser trailer for the expansion, so lets watch shall we…

The trailer shows a fleet of ships approaching Deep Space Nine, with the imagery shifting back and forth between apparent time periods – one on the initial approach and one post-battle where ships are destroyed and crew injured.

Victory is Life, will launch on PC June 2018, and on consoles at a later date.

Source: Press Release

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