The team at Citadel Studios have announced today that Legends of Aria is heading to Open Beta in June, with the official Early Access launch in July (though not to Steam, as that is due Autumn 2018 if all goes well). To this end, they have updated their roadmap and shared some of the key details in a new blog post.

Here’s the plan so far. In June, after a patch or two, we will move into what we are calling “Open Beta.” We will be at a point where we need to start addressing the issues we can only find with lots of people. What this means in practice is that we’ll start handing out free trial keys very freely. I especially want to hear from guilds and guild masters in order to do some large group testing before the real free for all begins.

July marks the Final Wipe for Legends of Aria and Early Access Launch with Kickstarters and Founders beginning their one week headstart and the land rush will begin.

Source: Press Release, Official Site

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