The team at Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios shared a new article on their official Star Trek Online site this week, with the news that they partnered with Tobias Richter, modeler extraordinaire (the man made the 3D model of the Enterprise D when Star Trek: The Next Generation was remastered into HD) to create a new Deep Space Nine model for the upcoming Victory Is Life update.

In our high-res model, we built a low-res promenade behind the large windows in the center region. We thought about putting that into the game-model as well, but the station is already at a rather high polycount – and you would need to get really close to be able to see anything, so unfortunately we decided against it. For the rest I think we managed to capture the look of the high-res model very well. All the details are there, either through polygons or through the normal maps.

You will be able to see the officially remodeled DS9 on the Tribble test server soon, and it will be a part of the live build of Star Trek Online with the launch of the Victory is Life content update.

Source: Official Site


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