The Environmental Art team for Neverwinter at Carbine Studios, in the form of Lead Artist Nate Herzog and colleague Jason Marquez, have taken to a dev blog to share some of the steps in mapping out the environs of the iconic Castle Ravenloft (coming in the Ravenloft expansion, June 26th).

Because we’re a small environment team it was touch and go for a while as we began expanding story and how much content was needed it started to look like the run-up to the castle would have to be cut. Fortunately, after some re-working we were able to get this environment in thanks to Jason joining the team at an integral time and jumping right in and tackling the castle exterior.

The developer blog shows a series of in progress concept cart, initial renders and final views of both the external and internal areas of the Castle, to feature in a new dungeon when the expansion hits later this month.

Source: Official Site

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