The development team at Drago Entertainment have had their ups and downs working on the Otherland MMO, based on the origianl series of books by Tad WIlliams, but this week may have served to further energize them when the original author headed over to Poland to pay them a visit.

With Tad it’s a delightful opposite of that. He is absolutely incredible when it comes to the creative process and being open minded about ideas. We’ve spent two days discussing things we added and how we want to proceed with content and he was coming up with ideas on the spot how to integrate some of them into his work to keep the game consistent with his books in the future.

As a major fan of the original literature, not only does the thought of Williams returning to Otherland excite me, so does the fact that this will serve to tie in to the ingame universe of the MMO version as well. Hopefully I’m not being set up for disappointment (much like the way I felt about the lack luster TV-MMO tie-in that Defiance attempted).

Source: Official Facebook


Andy "Zap-Robo" Barber

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