The team at Neowiz has launched a new patch for their in-development title Bless Online today, bringing with it a dungeon for L45+ players that has the chance at a Heroic level weapon when defeating the final boss.

 Introducing a host of improvements and new content, patch brings with it the Migra Turris Elite dungeon for level 45 players, a new action control mode for most classes, increased dungeon loot, and tons of balance changes and bug fixes.

“We’re very excited to bring the Migra Turris Elite dungeon online today,” said Sungjin Ko, Executive Producer of Neowiz Bless Studio. “It’s going to challenge our top level players, and reward them with some of the best weapons in the game. We’re ecstatic to reintroduce the Action Combat control mode for more classes, as we know a lot of our players have been dying to try it out.”

For those who like a little visual stimulation with their patch notes, Neowiz have also released a trailer to preview the new dungeon. Lets watch, shall we…

The new Action Combat mode quoted will be available as an option for the Mage, Ranger and Guardian classes while the Paladin remains tab targeted, and the Berserker remains locked to Action Combat only.

Source: Press Release, Patch Notes


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